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Poly Lining Systems Welcomes WCC Tank Technology as a Genesis System Licensee

Poly Lining Systems announces that WCC Tank Technology has joined the nationwide rollout of its next generation Genesis system that turns single wall tanks into compliant double wall underground storage tanks

Plymouth, NH USA (February 21, 2018) – Poly Lining Systems (PLS) announces the appointment of WCC Tank Technology of Newburgh, NY as a licensee for the application of its proprietary Genesis Double Wall Retrofit System. “We have been working with WCC Tank Technology for years,” said Jeff Colner, Vice-President of Operations for PLS. “They are currently licensed to apply our lining products and systems to both steel wall and fiberglass underground storage tanks, as well as our above ground storage tank floor rebuilding systems. We are pleased to announce WCC is now part of the nationwide rollout of our next generation Genesis system for retrofitting double wall underground storage tanks.”

More and more states are in a sunset period for single wall underground storage tanks. Completely replacing a well-maintained single wall tank is not necessarily the optimal solution in many cases. The PLS Genesis System provides a cost-effective retrofit that turns a single wall tank into a fully-functioning and compliant double wall tank with third-party tested interstitial monitoring.

Colner continued: “The Genesis double wall retrofit system makes use of our PLS 1776 series resins, which are designed for application with steel USTs, fiberglass reinforced plastic USTs, and aboveground storage tanks. Regulatory compliance is achieved by creating a monitorable interstitial space between two structural layers of fiber reinforced resin laminates. This system is compatible with petroleum fuels, alcohol-blended petroleum fuels, alcohols and biodiesel, as well as a multitude of petrochemical products.”

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