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PLS 477pw Series

Specialty epoxy coating for potable water tanks & vessels. 100% solids, two-part formula with top-notch chemical & abrasion resistance. Less prep for steel surfaces, cost-effective choice.

Technical Data Sheet: PLS 477pw Series

Technical Data Sheet:

PLS 477pw is an epoxy coating that has been specifically formulated for use in tanks, vessels, and other equipment contacting potable water. It is a 100% solids, two-part coating that is easy to apply and features excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. PLS 477pw can be applied to steel surfaces after less extensive preparation than competing products, making it a cost-effective option for potable water applications.

PLS 477pw Benefits

No VOCs, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, erosion resistant. easy to apply.

Ideal for use in potable water applications including steel tanks, steel vessels and other steel equipment contacting potable water.

Product Characteristics:

Solids Content
Volume Solids -100%
Specific gravity (mixed, average) 1.5
Color-Grey or Water Industry Blue -Note: not color stable. A color stable finish requires appropriate top coat.
VOC (EPA Method 24)
No voes. 100 % solids epoxy
Part A/Part B Ration= 2: I
Spread Rate/Coat

Working Time:

Recoat Times (minimum): 68°Ft20°C = 6 hrs, (maximum) 68°Ft20°C = 24 hrs
Full Cure Time: 68°F/20°C = 7 days
Pot Life: 68°F/20°C = 45 minutes

PLS 447PW is primarily designed for application by brush or roller. Good quality brushes or short 10 medium pile rollers should be used. Optimum results are achieved when both material and substrate are above 59°F/l 5°C
A single coat application is possible when conducted in accordance with the application instructions.

Unopened shelf life is 60 months from the date of manufacture.

*Typical properties are not to be construed as specifications

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