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Environmental Stewardship

PLS implements advanced eco-centric techniques in storage tank operations, emphasizing regulatory compliance, waste mitigation, and stakeholder engagement. A reference for engineering professionals.

PLS Prioritizes Advanced Waste Management and Eco-Conscious Manufacturing Procedures

PLS is committed to environmental excellence, promoting and conducting responsible manufacturing and distribution activities. Our goal is to be good stewards of the environment through the use of industry-leading operational practices and continuous technological innovation and improvement.

PLS Core Values

Because of our commitment to environmental excellence, we are integrating the following core values into all decisions affecting our operations, and we expect the same commitment from our employees, worldwide applicators and vendors.

Business Philosophy

We are committed to protecting our world’s natural resources, caring for the environment and complying with all applicable local, state, federal and host countries laws and regulations as part of our daily operations.

Operational Excellence

PLS will always strive for excellence and will be satisfied with nothing less. We will move quickly to rectify any environmental problem associated with our operations and react quickly when aware of any environmental issues with our worldwide applicators network.

Commitment of Resources

We will provide the resources to achieve our environmental protection objectives, and we expect our employees, suppliers and members of our applicator network to do likewise to ensure that all PLS related operations are clean and safe.

PLS Programs

To enhance and highlight the importance of these core values, PLS has developed and is implementing or enhancing the following focused programs.

Continuous Improvement

PLS will continue to evaluate evolving environmental protection measures with the goal of improving our operating practices and further reducing our environmental footprint using the latest technologies and operational procedures.

Community Focus

We will always strive to be charitable, engaged and responsible partners in the communities where we live and work.

Waste Management

We will make a priority to handle, transport and dispose of waste generated from our operations according to applicable regulations. We will use the most current technology practical to reduce the likelihood of spills, reduce waste volumes generated and recycle those volumes where appropriate. We will create and maintain waste management plans that provide for disposal at a pre-approved site.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

We will apply and continuously improve our BMPs to achieve and maintain an industry-leading position in safe and clean operations.

Public Outreach and Collaboration

We will continue to engage and educate our shareholders and stake holders, and identify opportunities for further improvement, as well as support and promote high-quality research and provide public education about the tank lining industry.

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