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PLS 477fc Series

Fast-curing, high-solids epoxy for steel & concrete in marine & non-potable water settings. Low-odor, eco-friendly with low VOCs. Chemical, abrasion & slip-resistant. Ideal for tough environments.

Technical Data Sheet: PLS 477fc Series

PLS 477fc is a fast-curing, high-solids epoxy coating that is specifically designed for use on steel and concrete substrates exposed to marine environments and non-potable water applications. The coating is easy to apply and has a low odor, making it a safe and convenient option for both professional and DIY users. PLS 477fc has a low VOC content, making it a more environmentally friendly choice than some other epoxy coatings. The coating is chemical and abrasion resistant, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. PLS 477fc also has slip-resistant properties, making it a good choice for applications where safety is a concern.


PLS 477fc is a fast cure polyamide epoxy with high solid content which is capable of achieving a high build. It is designed for application to concrete and steel substrates. Steel substrates do not require extensive preparation prior to application. PLS 477fc is a semi-gloss material which can be provided in a wide range of colors. Not for use in potable water applications

PLS 477FC Benefits

Low VOC, low odor. chemical and abrasion resistant. easy to apply. slip resistant

Ideal for use in marine applications. water treatment plants. pulp and paper mills. offshore platforms. and tank exteriors.

Product Characteristics:

Solids Content:
Volume Solids> 70%
VOC (EPA Method 24)
Unreduced < 250g/L (2.08 lb/gal)
Rcduccr/Cleanuf, with Oxsol I 00 Flash Point: 91 F (330C) TCC. mixed
Part AfPart 8 Ration = I: I
Spread Rate/Coat
Wet mils 7- 13.5, Dry mils 5- 10

Weight of Solids – 85% (+/. 2%)

Reduced I 0% < 300g/L (2.50 lb/gal)

Coverage – 116-232 sq ft (2.8 – 5. 7 sq m/L)

Working Time:

Recoa1 Times (minimum): 35°Ftl.7°C = 4-5 hrs. 77°F/25°c = 2 hrs, I00°Ft38°C = 1.5 hrs Immersion Times: 35°Fll .7°C = 14 days. 77°F/25°C = 7 days. I oo°Ft38°C = 4 days
Pot Life: 35°F/1. 7°C = 10 hours. 77°F/25°C = 4 hours, I 00°F/38°C = 2 hours
Sweat in Time: 35°Ftl.7°C = 30 minutes, 77°F/25°C = 30 minutes, I oo°Ft38°C = 15 min

Maximum recoat time is I year. If exceeded, abrade surface prior to recoa1
Unopened shelf life is 36 months

*Typical properties are not to be construed as specifications

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