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About Poly Lining Systems

PLS produces tank lining resins, supplies materials, offers expert application tools, and provides onsite training for tank contractors worldwide. Trust PLS to guide you into the 21st Century of Tank Lining.

Who We Are

Poly Lining Systems, Resin Tank Lining Manufacturer for products application in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical and water industries, produces cutting edge products for use in lining below and above ground storage vessels. With a combined experience of over 200 years in the tank lining industry, the managing technical, engineering and chemical professionals at PLS provide not only one of the most proven product lines, but also applicator training and expertise as well as professional applicator equipment through its licensed applicators field training program.

PLS maintains two of its own manufacturing operations and contracts for production time at several other resin manufacturing plants throughout the United States to meet its product fulfillment needs.

In addition to its own proprietary family of lining materials, PLS formulates, manufactures and supplies several major specialty coatings marketers with private-label products. None of these private labels are the same as the PLS line of products and are formulated for industries other than tank lining.

In the first quarter of 2012, Sun Private Equities, of Palm Beach, Florida, USA, acquired a significant equity position in Poly Lining Systems. This strategic partnership will contribute to growth of the PLS worldwide applicator program through capitalization and the international business expertise of the Sun team.

At any moment PLS field support personnel may be boots on the ground in as many as three different continents, training and working with our affiliated applicator teams. This world-wide coverage program has led to the PLS slogan: "The lights are always on at Poly Lining Systems."